name-wind Name of the wind [Patrick Rothfuss]: Wonderful to start to a trilogy. Grand new fantasy series containing magic and creation of a new fantasy universe which is both gripping and imaginative.
 wise-man The wise man’s fear [Patrick Rothfuss]: The 2nd part of the trilogy. Not as fast paced as the first one whilst still keeping the reader engaged.
annihilation Annihilation [Jeff VanderMeer]: The start of the Southern Reach Trilogy series.  The first book after It by Stephen King that I felt I was in a horror movie throughout reading the book. Gripping and unputdownable.
authority Authority [Jeff VanderMeer]: The second book in the the Southern Reach Trilogy series. Interesting and explains some of the mysteries in the first book but not as fast paced as the first book. Eagerly waiting for book 3!
acceptance Acceptance[Jeff VanderMeer]: This was the final part of the Southern Reach series. I was waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of the series. Without giving away spoilers, I guess this review from NPR best sums up my feelings after spending a Sunday reading the book!
martian The Martian [Andy Weir]: One of the most memorable, funny and entertaining characters I have every come across in a book. Also what I consider “hard sci-fi”, talks about how a stranded man could survive on Mars. Part Macgyver, Part Robinson Crusoe, all awesome!
omw Old Man’s War [John Scalzi]: Got into John Scalzi after a number of Reddit discussions on the best sci-fi over the last few years. This is the fist part of a trilogy and a wonderful read, fast paced with strong characters and story line.
gbrigade Ghost Brigade [John Scalzi]**: The second part of the series. Interesting development of the technological aspects of the first book but does not have John Perry!
lc Lost Colony [John Scalzi]**: The last part of the series. Nice conclusion to the series. John Perry returns!
hd Human Division [John Scalzi]: Thought the Old Man’s war (OMW) series was a trilogy. Borrwed this book from the library and turned out I was WRONG. If what I understand from online discussions is right, this book was acturally written as a series of short stories and then combined together to form the book. This aspect shows. The material is entertaining and the end implies there will be a gripping sequel (hopefully!) to the connection between the Colonial Union, Earth and the Conclave but probably the weakest amongst the Scalzi books I have read.
lockin Lock In [John Scalzi]**: NOT part of the OMW series and explores “brave new worlds” or at least ideas. Scalzi’s fascination and exploration of computers directly interfacing with the human brain shines through (we had Brainpal in the OMW series, here the robots that Haden victims interface with as well as the “Integrators”). Definitely IMHO his most original work since OMW.
rr Red Rising [Pierce Brown]: Promising debut novel, reads like a fast paced Hollywood action movie with elements of Ender’s Game and the Hunger Games series thrown in.
 windup Windup Girl [Paolo Bacigalupi]**: Interesting setting, the near future where global warming has caused catastrophic changes in the nature of society. Writing was so realistic that even now, thinking about the book makes me feel like I am in a sauna!
 lex Lexicion [Max Barry]: In my experience, a completely novel premise: you can kill with words! Was not convinced at first but the author develops a well rounded story albeit the ending seemed a little too rushed.
wool Wool and the Silo series [Hugh Howey]**: Unputtdownable and in my experience one of the first books driven purely at first by self-publishing/E-book market. Found it for a few dollars on the Kindle and thought what the heck will give it a chance. Awoke the next morning realizing I had not slept immersed in a wonderful dystopian future. Wool develops the present setting while the Silo and Dust provide the backdrop and a fitting conclusion.
circle The Circle [Dave Eggers]: Do you want to be scared about a future world where a major corporations has complete information on your every likes, what you do where you with complete lack of privacy? Read on and feel increasingly nonplussed by the amount of private information we release into the world.. wait.. this list… how did it get online?!?!?
atlantis Atlantis Gene [A.G.Riddle]: Promising debut novel with interesting speculations on evolution. Reminded me a little of the movie Prometheus.
Ready Player One [Ernest Cline]: Magnificent! I have no experience with MMORPG but this was a wonderfully imaginative book and treasure hunt in this setting with great 80s references for old farts like myself!
starshiptroopers One of the classics. Has extensive philosophical discussions on the role of the military and the training of cadets in the military. As one review put it, even if you do not agree with much of it, it really makes you think about your own stand on various issues. Also one can see the influence of this book on many of modern sci-fi novels.
pines1 pines2 pines3 The 3 books in the Wayward pines series. Gripping and highly entertaining, wonderful if you are looking to curl up on a cold or rainy day and spend the entire day thoroughly entertained. Interesting premise. The series is now being converted into a Fox TV show.