I have had the opportunity to work with a number of wonderful students.

Current Students

  1. Aman Barot (co-advised with Andrew Nobel, Marc Niethammer, Peter Mucha). 2017-
  2. Miheer Dewaskar (co-advised with Amarjit Budhiraja and Andrew Nobel). 2017-
  3. Mark He (co-advised with Andrew Nobel). 2017-
  4. Hui Shen (co-advised with Yufeng Liu). 2019 –
  5. Dhruv Patel (co-advised with Vladas Pipiras). 2019-
  6. Sumit Kumar Kar (co-advised with Nilay Argon and Serhan Ziya). 2019-

Previous students

  1. Xuan Wang (2009 – 2014). Co-advised with Amarjit Budhiraja. First job after grad school:  postdoctoral fellow in probability at Georgia Tech. Currently a data scientist at Data Bricks.
    Dissertation title: Some Asymptotic Problems for Dynamical Random Graphs.
  2. James Wilson (2010 – 2015). Co-advised with Andrew Nobel. Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco.
    Dissertation title: Statistical Analysis of Relational Data: Mining and Modeling Complex Networks.
  3. John Palowitch (2012 – 2017)  Co-advised with Andrew Nobel.  Google, San Francisco.
    Dissertation titleTesting-based Community Detection Methods for Complex Networks
  4. Jimmy Jin  (2012 – 2017) Co-advised with Andrew Nobel. Optimizely, San Francisco.
    Dissertation title: Inhomogeneous Branching Processes: a Tale of two Networks
  5. Suman Chakraborty (2013- 2018) co-advised with Andrew Nobel. Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Michigan Ann Arbor.
    Dissertation titleDense Graph Limits and Applications
  6. Iain Carmichael (2014-2019) Co-advised with Steve Marron). NSF Postdoc with Daniela Witten (University of Washington, Seattle).
    Dissertation titleProbabilistic and Geometric Approaches to the Analysis of Non-standard Data